Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet and Greet with Author Alex Flinn!

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On Sunday, May 19, I headed back to Books and Books in Coral Gables with my big brother, Omar, and my cousin, Rosa, to attend the meet and greet with Author Alex Flinn who was speaking on her new book TOWERING, which came out earlier this month. I usually stress about being late for such occasions (or really anything) because I HATE being lat,e so I was quite happy that we actually arrived EARLY. Ironically enough, the author was chatting on the side with people and the event started off fifteen, twenty minutes LATE. That'll teach me to be early for anything (insert sarcastic tone here).

Anywho, I managed to get come great vids of Alex reading from Towering and answering fan questions before sitting down to sign copies of her books. 

I also got to chat with a mom and her daughter (who looked to be in her later teens. Maybe 17 or 18) while standing in line. The mom asked if me and my cousin Rosa were writers. I promptly explained, proudly, that I was already a published author *hehe* and have my next book scheduled for an August release (crosses fingers that will really happen!). After I finished getting my books signed and was about to leave, the mom and daughter stopped me and asked for my information so they could purchase a copy of LUCIFER (SONS OF OLD TRILOGY, #1)! *Eeeep!* I felt SO cool actually talking about my book inside a bookstore with total strangers and watching their faces light up with interest as I explained the story =D

Two new fans! (Hopefully!)

Now stay tuned for the videos with Alex Flinn and pics!

Alex Flinn reads a chapter from her new book Towering which follows the fairy tale character of Rapunzel. She also reveals how she came to write fairy tales, how she decided on writing Beastly as well as A Kiss in Time, and why she switched over from writing realistic fiction to re-tellings of fairy tales.

Alex Flinn reads a chapter from the perspective of the Prince from her new book Towering.


Alex Flinn discusses where the idea for Rapunzel came from, when she first considered herself a writer and her journey to become a professional writer, she offers advice to aspiring writers, confesses she doesn't use a laptop or computer to write her books but notebooks, gives inside scoop to the next book featuring the character of Kendra (the witch featured in Beastly and Bewitching) and explains how Beastly ended up as a movie.

Meet and Greet

Alex signing my copies of Beastly and Towering

Me and Alex Flinn

Signed Copy of Beastly

Signed Copy of Towering (thanks to my big bro who bought me a copy)

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