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Swoon Worthy Wednesday: Hunter Millen (Fate on Fire Series)

Ladies say hello to Mr. Hunter Millen! He's a feature player in the Fate on Fire Series by the drookable Wendy Knight. Hunter is built tall, blue-eyed and built like he ate two quarterbacks for breakfast. He LOVES any reason to flex his powerful, well-defined muscles and tough, hold-no-bars attitude to anyone who messes with him or the people he cares about. Underneath all that hard exterior and attitude though Hunter has a great heart and is loyal to the core.

We got to sit and chat with Hunter about having his life story told in a book series for all the world to see, what he does on his off time when he isn't saving the world and where he would go if he could take Charity out on a normal date.

But before we get to the interview, take a look at a sneak peek of Hunter in Feudlings, the first book in the Fate on Fire Series =)


“How did you know to come for us?” Shane asked. Hunter draped himself over one of the chairs in the Council chambers, watching it with deceptive disinterest. How had they known to come? He remembered Charity’s eyes had been glowing, but he hadn’t had time yet to ask her what she had seen. Had she somehow summoned the Carules warriors?

“Sabine saw you, of course. She sent for us as soon as the vision hit.” Sabine, the Council’s favorite seer, sat silently in the back, enjoying the air of mystery around her cloaked figure. In Hunter’s opinion, she wore far too much eye makeup, and the colors made her look like a circus freak.

Charity made a small, distressed noise next to him and he turned toward her quickly, wanting to protect her, wanting to beat into the ground whatever made her upset. She stared at her knees, her white blonde hair falling forward like a curtain.

“I thought Sabine couldn’t see the Prodigy,” Hunter said, dragging his attention away from Charity.

“I didn’t say I saw the Prodigy. I saw… you. And the warriors. Of course,” Sabine snapped, but Hunter could hear the lie in her voice. Something else had alerted the Council to the attack, and Hunter was pretty sure Charity knew what.

You can also check out Annabell's 4/5 star review for Feudlings: "Feudlings was a fun and action packed read! There are some really enjoyable and kick-butt characters along with some really interesting magical abilities! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series . . . Fans of the urban fantasy genre will have a great time with this book!"

Without further ado, here is Hunter Millen!

TeamNerd Reviews: How do you feel about Wendy Knight writing a book about what you, Shane, Ari and Charity went through? Does it bother you that people are going to get an inside look into Mr. Hunter Millen?

Hunter Millen: No. It doesn't matter. I don't have time to worry about what everyone else is thinking.

TeamNerd Reviews: What’s one of your favorite scenes in FEUDLINGS that you think was depicted accurately? Is there any scene you think Wendy may have took liberties with, even a little?

Hunter Millen: Football. She did okay with the football scene. Liberties? She made me look like the insane one when Shane decided he was in love with the new girl. And can I point out that I was right all along? I was. I knew who Ari was from the very beginning but did anyone notice that? No. No one did.

TeamNerd Reviews: What kind of training does a Carules Guard have to undergo? How much can you bench press? What’s your favorite part of training?

Hunter Millen: The Council is stupid. They don't believe in training the Carules Guard. Or the Prodigy. So the only training I've had is Charity barking orders at us.

You ask how much I can bench press...let's remember that I'm magic. I have strength you can't even imagine. So...let's say 250 and I'll pretend I'm a Normal.

My favorite part of training is attacking Shane. It's nice to put him in his place once in a while.

TeamNerd Reviews: Why do you love football so much? If you didn’t have to guard over the Carules Prodigy all the time, would you have preferred being a professional football player? Any specific team you would want to play on?

Hunter Millen: Why do I love football so much? It's the sport version of me. Rough, fast, violent. Smart. Everyone has to do their part or the team falls apart.

And yes. Professional football player.

That's a silly question. I'd be on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The one thing Ari and I have in common.

TeamNerd Reviews: FEUDLINGS and FEUDLINGS IN SIGHT showcase your relationship with Charity which is complicated considering what you guys have to go through. But let’s say life wasn’t so complicated and you could take Charity out on a regular date without having to worry about some magical attack, where would you take her? What would you do on your date?

Hunter Millen: Charity is happiest away from people. Her stupid gift makes it hard for her to relax when she's in a crowd.  But she loves nature. We'd go hiking, early in the morning so she could watch the cute little deer. Maybe eat lunch by a river so she could stick her toes in the water.

TeamNerd Reviews: If you could have your own personal theme song, which artist or band would you want to write it and what would the song be called?

Hunter Millen: Metallica. Best band ever. The song would be called, “Life on Hold.”

TeamNerd Reviews: What are the five things you couldn’t live without if you were left on a deserted island?

Hunter Millen: A football. Charity. Water. Food. Maybe Shane.

TeamNerd Reviews: When you aren’t helping to protect the world from magical warfare, what do you do on your off time?

Hunter Millen: I play football. I do my homework. I try to dig Shane out of all the trouble he gets himself into.

TeamNerd Reviews: What kind of wheels do you drive?

Hunter Millen: A big, black Dodge Ram with a six inch lift. All chromed out.

TeamNerd Reviews: Let’s wrap this up with some fun questions to tease your fans with *wink*:

If you could be any superhero, which would you be? 

Hunter Millen: I am a superhero.

TeamNerd Reviews: Boxers, briefs or commando? 

Hunter Millen: Boxer briefs.

TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite cuss word.

Hunter Millen: Dammit

TeamNerd Reviews: Best dish you can cook. 

Hunter Millen: Ramen Noodles.

TeamNerd Reviews: If you could be a ninja or a spy, which one would you choose and why? 

Hunter Millen: A spy. Cool gadgets.

TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite type of weapon.

Hunter Millen: My hands.

Thank you to Hunter for stopping by! Be sure to check out Feudlings (Barnes and Noble, Amazon) and Feudlings in Flames (Barnes and Noble, Amazon), the first two books in the series out now! Or check out the short story that accompanies the series, Feudlings in Sight (Barnes and Noble, Amazon). And to stalk Wendy you can go on her blog, twitter or facebook! She loves to make new friends and is always happy to chat with fans!

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