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Michael Week: Girls Rule Friday: Zahara Faraday & Becca King from Sons of Old Trilogy by Annabell Cadiz!

Actress Saoirse Ronan would make a great Zahara.
Character Name: Zahara Faraday

Age: 18 years old

Description: Standing at five feet five inches, Zahara has bright green eyes in an oval shaped face with demure cheeks and full lips. She has a head filled with frizzy, curly, red-orange hair inherited from her mother. She is slender built with nicely toned arms and legs due to her training.

Skill Set: Great aim with a bow and arrow, hand to hand combat with a dagger, can whip out a can of pepper spray on a moment’s notice

Hobbies: When she isn’t busy training or taking down evil rogue supernatural, Zahara loves to read, hang out at the Marshmallow Café, movie watching, or eating close to anything to do with chocolate.

Likes: baked goods, especially cupcakes & brownies, collecting books, hot chocolate, vegetarian spaghetti

Dislikes: rogue supernatural who harm humans, peas, mosquitoes, sharks

Bio: Zahara was born into a unique family. Her mother is a Light Witch and her father is a human. She didn’t develop any special powers though, being as human as her dad. Ever since she was a teenager, Zahara has been training in various aspects of punching and stabbing since rogue supernatural tend to go after her family and the human population. She’s never had an official boyfriend due to the challenge of balancing a secret world with a normal teenage world. She would rather send her day snuggled up on the couch in the library in her house than chasing down Imagoes, dream sucking fairies, or sociopathic angels.

Actress Logan Browning would make a great Becca.
Character Name: Becca King

Age: 18 years old

Description: Standing at five feet six inches, Becca has warm, brown eyes and shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair. Her skin glows a caramel tone and she has a fuller build with well-toned muscles due to the torturous training her best friend Zahara’s family makes her endure to be part of their secret world.

Skill Set: Loves to wield a mean can of pepper spray, has been trained in hand to hand combat with a dagger, can take down a rogue with her sparkly pink Taser, can make an outfit out of anything

Hobbies: Putting together funky outfits, having movie marathons with Zahara, eating sweets, stalking her man Rekesh

Likes: vanilla bean fraps, brownies, pizza, reading, glue gun, sowing kits, shopping at Michael’s

Dislikes: evil rogue supernatural, vegetables, secrets, lying

Bio: Born and raised in Broward, Florida to a very loving and very protective father, Adam King, and a sweet, obsessed baking mother, Ariel. Becca is an ordinary girl except for helping Zahara and her family take down rogue supernatural. Becca can definitely kick butt when the moment calls for it and is willing to do anything to protect the people she loves. She plans on becoming a fashion designer and opening her own small shop once she is done with college.


Michael and Zahara unbuckled their seatbelts and stepped out of the car. Zahara scurried around the front porch and around the right side of the house with Michael close behind. She led him to the backyard and looked up at the window on the end.

“That’s Becks room,” Zahara said, pointing to the window. “Mind giving me a lift?”

“Of course.” Michael stepped up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. This time he kept his eyes locked on the window above her head instead of looking down at her, and with a thrust of his wings, flew up to Becca’s window. He spun Zahara around and she leaned forward, lifting up the window.

Michael helped her climb inside feet first, and Zahara jumped down into the room. Michael hovered outside while Zahara tiptoed her way to the bed.

“Becks,” she whispered, shaking Becca’s shoulder gently. Becca just snored loudly. “Becks, wake up!” Zahara whispered a little louder and shook her shoulder a little harder. Becca flipped over on her side and snored again. Zahara leaned over her, lifted one of her eyelids and said, “Becca, will you get the hell up already!” in a normal tone.

Becca bolted upright and smacked her forehead right into Zahara’s. The both of them cried out at the same time and Zahara flopped down on Becca’s bed.

“Zar, what the hell?” Becca practically yelled. “What are you trying to do, kill me?”

“Shhh,” Zahara chided while rubbing her forehead. “You sleep heavier than the dead. Be happy I didn’t toss water on your face.”

Becca squinted at her. “What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

“Me and Jase came to take you hostage,” Zahara said, thrusting her thumb in Michael’s direction. “We’re going out to do some hunting.”

Becca groaned and laid back down. “Are you serious? You woke me up to go out patrolling?” She tossed one of her fuzzy pink pillows at Zahara’s face. “I outta slap you.”

“Becks, just get up and get dressed would ya? Jase says he knows a place we may be able to get some answers to maybe find out where Lucifer could possibly be hiding, or maybe find some answers that could help Rekesh, so let’s go,” Zahara said, pulling off Becca’s lime-green comforter.

Becca yanked it back and scowled. “I hear a lot of maybes in that sentence, which doesn’t sound promising. I’d rather go back to sleep and dream of my sexy boyfriend.”

Zahara rolled her eyes and threw Becca’s pillow back at her. “Becks, I’m invoking the best friend clause,” Zahara said and Becca groaned. “The best friend clause states if one best friend needs help in a dangerous situation then the other said best friend will come to the rescue. You are my said best friend, therefore, you have to come to help me in case I get in danger.” Zahara grabbed the comforter again and pulled it off Becca, balling it up and throwing it on the floor.

“You just made that up,” Becca whined, sitting up in bed.

Zahara shrugged. “Does it matter? You know you wouldn’t want me going into a dangerous situation alone.”

“Why can’t you two be normal and go make out at his place while your parents are sleeping?”

Zahara ignored Michael’s presence at the window and the warmth spreading to her ears and stomped over to Becca’s closet. She grabbed a pair of black tights, a pink-and-white tutu, and a pink-and-white, long-sleeved shirt. Tossing them on the bed, she headed to the window and said, “Need you to wait below. Becks needs a moment to get humanly presentable.”

Michael smiled and instead of flying back down to the ground, he simply turned around. He could hear Becca grumbling as she started to get dressed in the dark. A drawer opened and shut. There was rummaging through the closet. More grumbling from Becca, and after a few more minutes, Zahara finally called out, “Ready to go,” and Michael turned back around. Becca was fully dressed now. She had traded the tights and tutu for a pair of dark-blue skinny pants, the white-and-pink shirt for an orange tank top displaying her favorite band, Family Force 5, and added a dark-blue vest, which was unbuttoned. She pulled her strawberry blonde hair back in a ponytail and managed to somehow perfectly apply makeup to her face in the dark.

“If you drop me, I’ll run you over with Zahara’s car first chance I get,” Becca warned, staring as intensely as she could at Michael.

Michael held out his hand. “I would never dare to drop you.”


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