Friday, October 17, 2014

Girls Rule Friday: Interview with Author Bridget Strahin (Blood Pact Trilogy)

A Human Among Wolves
By: Levi Kingston
Dark Moons Magazine

It’s a beautiful, crisp day. Golden light streams in through the windows around the small café—Crescent Moons Café—and bounces off the enclosed glass shelves displaying an assortment of macaroons, brownies, cupcakes of different flavors, and tons of other freshly baked pastries. Every table is filled; voices clamoring throughout the room as patrons stuff their faces with sweets and coffee.

It’s not exactly a place that screams werewolf but if you were to pass through Roanoke, Maine, and decided to stop by Crescent Moons, you would find yourself smack dab in the middle of werewolf country. Humans can come into town but they still have no idea werewolves exist. Today, I will be interviewing one of the only humans allowed to know the inside secrets of our town. The one and only Bridget Strahin, author of the upcoming BLOOD PACT TRILOGY, who depicted what happened to this small town in nowheresville.

The bell above the door rings happily, piercing through the loud chatter and in walks the authoress herself. She’s dressed in a cream-colored, sleeveless dress that falls to her knees; lace accents all along the chest. Her usual blonde hair has been dyed red and cut to just above her shoulders, spun into bouncy curls. Golden sandals with crisscrossing straps adorn her feet. Red glasses frame her face. She sees me sitting at a table in the back and smiles, adding a wave. I wave and smile in return. She starts to make her way toward me, stopping every so often as patrons call out to her, asking for an autograph or picture or just to catch up. A good five minutes pass before she’s able to pull herself away and flops down in the chair opposite me. “Whew! Sorry about that!” She offers then takes a deep breath and her warm smile returns as she settles into the cushioned, wooden chair.

“No worries,” I assure her. “You seem to be very popular among my kind,” I add and grin.

Bridget giggles and shrugs. “Can’t be helped when you’re this awesome.”

A waitress comes along and sets a cup of caramel coffee in front of Bridget. She thanks the waitress by name (Jessica) then lifts up her coffee, takes a deep breath, sighs with contentment, and takes a sip. “Coffee equals happiness.”

I chuckle and shake my head. “You ready to get started?”

Bridget sits up straighter and nods. “Lay it on me, Kingston!”

Levi Kingston: Your upcoming debut novel, BETRAYED (BLOOD PACT TRILOGY, #1), tells the story of our pack here in Roanoke, Maine, and specifically about our Alpha, Declan Pierce. How did you convince Declan to agree to letting you write a book about the events that just passed?

Bridget Strahin: Well, it wasn’t without effort. Declan, as you already know and readers will learn while reading BETRAYED, is a very stubborn man-wolf. I will admit, that I groveled, begged, and pleaded, and when that didn’t work, I threatened to blackmail him. He wasn’t always the tough Alpha he is today. I know things, ya know? Things his pack would never let him live down. He eventually caved. *Throws a mischievous smile my way*

Read more of this fun and in-depth interview here!

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