Monday, October 6, 2014

Recap Monday: #OUAT Season 4, Ep. 2

Once Upon A Time
Original Air Day: Sunday, OCT 5, 2014
Time: 8PM
Season: 4
Episode: White Out

“Until we’re together no one leaves this town,” and so begins the latest episode of Once Upon A Time with Elsa locking in the town’s inhabitants by building a large wall of ice around the entire town until she can locate Anna. While Emma, Prince Charming (David), and Killian (Captain Hook) deal with finding out who put up the ice wall, Snow (Mary Margaret) has to handle getting the power to the town back on because Regina (Evil Queen) has gone into lock down mode. She refuses to even see Henry.

Meanwhile, the show takes the audience back in time to when Anna had ventured out of Arendelle into the Enchanted Forest to discover a way to help Elsa with her powers and discover the truth about their parents. She travels to Prince Charming’s house long before he was known as such, back when he was David, The Coward (It was SUPER amusing to see the prince with long hair. Bad hair extension job?? Come on hair crew! You SO could have done a better job!). Anna adorably tries to be all cryptic by giving a false name to David (“Joan”) which he instantly doesn’t believe and calls her out on being Kristoff’s fiancé (the ring on her finger giving her away and the fact that David only knows one person from Arendelle). But before Anna and David can get acquainted or David can figure out the real truth as to why Anna is in the Enchanted Forest, a new threat appears. Little Bo Peep isn’t all cute and sweet, playing with sheep (Hey! That rhymed!), she’s one dark and evil beotch who uses her staff to brand people so she can make sure she knows where they are at all times (a.k.a. her sheep) and collect payment. David and his mom owe money for Little Bo Peep helping to keep them and their farmland safe from all the other baddies in the Enchanted Forest. She gives them until the next day to come up with the money or she will brand them and take their farm.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma finds Elsa and tries to talk her down but when Prince Charming and Killian come barging in, Elsa gets spooked and sends her and Emma tumbling down the center of the ice wall. As Prince Charming and Killian try to find a way to free them, the temperature keeps dropping and while Elsa has nothing to worry about, Emma is slowly losing consciousness with her lips turning blue and her body going numb. Killian and Prince Charming are in a race to figure out how to free them before Emma gets frozen to death.

Our Thoughts: This was a pretty good episode. We really enjoyed learning more about Anna and seeing more of her quirky, optimistic character getting displayed. She was adorable and sweet as ever while still throwing herself into danger to do the right thing and kick butt! Elsa is still struggling to learn to control her emotions and her powers. She manages to gain some better control while trapped in the ice cave with Emma and discovers her own inner strength which was nice to see happen.

Little Bo Peep being the primary villain in this episode was a little laughable. It was hard to take serious. Once Upon A Time is known for its twists and turns and connections and big revelations but even more so for how awesome the villains are! Little Bo Peep just didn’t fit the bill. The actress did a wonderful job but there wasn’t enough umph in her abilities or her attitude. Maybe we’ve just been in love with Rumple and the Evil Queen for so long we hold all other villains to a higher standard, but we would have liked to have seen more of a fight with Little Bo Peep than there was.

There are two big revelations on the show: Turns out Anna isn’t the only one with her kind of powers. Someone else is in town and wants to take over. And Anna has a connected past with Rumple. Originally, we thought it was Elsa but turns out Anna and Rumple eventually crossed paths from a little sneak shown in the show. Not sure when or how yet but we are SO EXCITED to find out!

It was cute and sweet seeing how cray cray Killian was getting over Emma being trapped inside the ice cave. He tried to take the ice wall down with his hook which was adorbs. He also held hands with Emma and carried her off in his arms. *dreamy sigh* They need more screen time and to go on an actual date where Killian changes clothes. Do the creators not find it even a little weird that Killian is always wearing the same outfit in every episode?? I mean, don’t us wrong, he looks damn good in that outfit but it would be fun to see him dressed in 21st century clothing (Skinny jeans will probably work really well on him *wink wink*).

Overall, the second episode into the 4th season of OUAT was decent. It had it’s really enjoyable moments and zingers and heartfelt connections, but it’s going much slower than the first three seasons of OUAT. At least slower than what we’re used to watching. We miss Regina being a bigger part of the picture and Snow White with her fierce, kick-butt skills. But then again she just had a baby so that’s understandable. We just hope as season 4 moves forward, the show picks up in action and brings back all the dark twists and turns and secrets we love to watch unfold!

Favorite Heart to Heart Scene: Prince Charming going into father mode and having the intentions talk with Killian about Emma.

“I think it’s time you and I have a little talk about your intentions with my daughter.’ (Prince Charming)
‘That’s a little old-fashioned, even by my standards, and I still pay with doubloons.’ (Killian)
‘Oh, remember I know your reputation. Emma is not some conquest.’ (Prince)
‘I wouldn’t risk my life for someone I see as loot. Whatever we become, it’s up to her as much as me.” (Killian)

Favorite Kick-Butt Scene: When Anna is teaching David how to sword fight! It was awesome to see Anna teaching the Prince how to be brave and strong. We loved that the Prince has always learned how to hone those qualities through the women in his life: his mom, Snow, and now Anna. 

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