Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vamp Tuesday: #TheOriginals, S2: Ep. 1

The Originals
Day: Mondays
Time: 8PM, CW
Season: 2
Episode 1: Rebirth

The Originals returned on the CW last night and it came back with vengeance! *wink*
Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah have been keeping up pretenses, mourning the loss of Klaus and Hayley’s daughter (even though she was actually secretly given to Klaus and Elijah’s sister Rebekah at the end of the first season). While they’ve been locked away in the compound (mega beautiful mansion owned by Klaus’s family), the Guerrera clan of four-legged beasts has taken over the French Quarter and gradually ridding it of vampires. The new witch coven has allied themselves with the werewolf club (for now) and Marcel sits in hiding, in waiting, on the other side of town. Davina has told her witch sisters to shove it but she’s hiding a dark secret of her own—or more precisely hiding someone VERY dark—Klaus and Elijah’s father, Mikael in the basement above the church. “I am Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires. Your thin human blood does little to sustain me.” (See, Davina has bound Mikael to herself because she resurrected him at the end of the second season so he could destroy Klaus so she’s able to keep Mikael in check with a bracelet around her wrist). She promises to free him once she can find a way to unlink her friends from Klaus’ sire line.

Klaus and Elijah have no clue what Davina is planning but right now that is the least of their worries. A new full moon is about to begin which means Klaus is growing weaker and weaker. In the first season, one of the witches—Klaus killed her for betraying him, no surprise there—made rings for the werewolves so they would no longer have to change during every full moon and linked the power of those rings to Klaus. Every time a full moon comes around, the rings suck out strength from him thus weakening him. Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel join forces to take down the twelve members who have the rings so Klaus can regain his full strength. But there are two other BIG deal issues they have to deal with. One they are aware of: the white oak stake made by Mikael a LONG friggin time ago, the one that can actually kill an original vampire and hybrid (which is what Klaus and Hayley are) has gone missing. And the second issue the Mikaelson brothers have no idea about yet: their mother is also back in town and mommy dearest wants revenge. She was resurrected at the end of the first season into the body of a teenage witch from Davina’s old coven along with her two sons, Finn and Kol.

The Guerrera clan is wiped clean by Elijah, Marcel, and Hayley. Klaus strength fully returns and Marcel is beginning to build a new army of vampires. Klaus decides to work with Hayley to reunite the werewolves and rebuild their fallen kingdom.

Our Thoughts: HOLY SWEETCAKES! This opening episode to the new season was soooo gooood!! Opening with Rebekah telling Hope (Klaus and Hayley’s daughter) a fairytale like story of her parents was so precious-creepy. It was a sweet version of the murderous, socio-pathetic lifestyle Hope’s parents actually live. We hope Rebekah will be featured more and more with Hope as the season moves forward. Hope is so stinkin’ ABDORABLE!

Klaus and Hayley are truly broken over having had to give up Hope. They did it to protect her but they are SUPER pissed and bitter about having had to be put in that position thanks to the screwed up coven of psycho withes from season one. Klaus is desperate, losing his mind even more having to stay in put in the compound for so many months. His need for blood, for revenge is eating away at him but even more so he blames himself for his family being so broken. See, these are the reasons we just can’t give up on Klaus or stop loving him. Tender moments of vulnerability he shows. They just eat at your heartstrings—even though you know Klaus is a psychopathic vampire who really likes murder, plotting and scheming dark and wicked things, and ruling a kingdom in dictator-like fashion. Still, he’s just SO good at being a villain, you can’t help but cheer him on even while you still want to stick a stake through his heart.

Elijah is still as gorgeous and sexy and suave as ever *heart flutter* He is the calm to Klaus’s rage and an incredible strategist. We LOVE how Elijah just always walks into a battle without a single care in the world, like he knows he’s already won and he hasn’t even lifted a finger. The moment he shows up at the Guerrera house to take out werewolves and Francesca—head alpha—he just saunters up to the front door and let’s himself in with a smile on his face. Klaus may be scary because his hulk-like tendencies to slay and conqueror know no bounds, but Elijah is scarier. He does everything with calculated intent. He takes in all possible outcomes then executes. Would so not want to be on the wrong side of a fight against him!

Hayley is just a pissed off wolf and a mom who really wants her baby back. She’s a mess. We’ve come to appreciate and love her character a lot more as the first season progressed cause the beginning she was hella annoying! She’s tougher now, more deadly, especially because she was turned into a hybrid at the end of the first season so her emotions are all over the place. She’s struggling to accept what she had to become in order to stay alive and to keep patience with taking back the French Quarter. It’s good to see more sides of Hayley.

Cami played a bigger role in the second season. She’s been spending her time sleeping with Marcel but has decided to call that quits since she doesn’t want to be too deeply involved with the vampires. We’re sure that won’t last long since Klaus still has a thing for her. It was great seeing her be less of a cry baby and more of a take charge woman! She stood up to vamps and weres and even worked with Elijah to execute one aspect of the plan. Hopefully her character will continue to keep kicking butt as the season moves forward.

All in all, the first episode was EPIC! And the new season is just beginning. We are so excited for whatever is coming down the pipeline, we can barely contain ourselves!! We just can’t get enough of the crazy Mikaelson brothers!

If you haven’t seen the first season, it’s available on DVD now and streaming on Netflix ;)


“A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.” ~Klaus
 “Tonight we’re going on a wolf hunt.” ~Klaus
“One enemy at a time. In the end, we’ll slay them all.” Klaus

“This is our fight. Are you ready for battle Hayley?” Klaus
“You will find real moments are vibrant. The rest just fades.” ~Klaus

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