Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Adult Man Campaign: Can a Male Author Make it in a Woman's World?

There's a new genre in town and it goes by the name of NEW ADULT.

So far it's full of talented women like Colleen Hoover & Tammara Webber, but there's a new man on the precinct looking to break the mould. Matthew Turner is a writer who's new book, BEYOND PARALLEL, is the result of a broken heart, and between Monday 18th - Friday 22nd March it's FREE on Amazon as part of the New Adult Man Campaign.

* Can a man survive in a female world?
* Can certain perceptions and prejudice be overcome?
* Will NEW ADULT be just another fad-genre?
* Or will it fill a need created by generations brought up on Harry Potter?

BEYOND PARALLEL is a Coming-of-Age novel that focusses on issues too mature for the Young Adult market, but too contemporary for more traditional ones. The emergence of the NEW ADULT genre at such a serendipitous time was too good to ignore, and Matthew Turner sees a genuine genre ready to break free.

The aim of the New Adult Man Campaign is to show what the New Adult Genre means to a man, how it doesn't have to conform to the steamy perception it's been given, and why it will fill a genuine need in the hearts of a new generation. Matthew Turner is available for interviews, features, and guest articles, so if you would like to learn more about the New Adult ManCampaign, please email:

To learn more about BEYOND PARALLEL, check out Bridget's review: 4/5 stars "I recommend this read to everyone who enjoys reading New Adult Contemporary and for those who are looking for something that doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter cutouts that are taking up the literary world at the moment."

You can also join in on the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #NewAdult and help spread the word!

About the Author: Matthew Turner is a storyteller, nomad, and coffee loving fiend. He sees life as one gigantic tale, and it's the role of the creator in which he has taken. Be it Fiction, Non-Fiction, or Day-to-Day Musings. Each new day brings a beginning, middle and end.

As a modern day writer, relationships are important. Don’t simply read and sit back, instead get involved. Ask questions, be part of the conversation, and connect with like-minded folks.
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