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TeamNerd Book Club: The Indigo Spell: Final Chapters 21-25 Summary

The Indigo Spell
Author: Richelle Mead

Synopsis: In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she struggles to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do.

Then she finally tracks down the elusive, enigmatic Marcus Finch—a former Alchemist who the organization denies exists, and who lives in shadows, on the run. With Marcus’s help, Sydney realizes that the group she’s been loyal to her whole life has been hiding the truth from her. Is it possible that her golden lily tattoo might have more power over her than she thinks?

As she struggles to come to terms with what that might mean, Sydney is compelled to use her growing magical powers to track down an evil magic user who is targeting powerful young witches. Using magic goes against everything she always thought she believed, but she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her special blood—or else she might be next.
Forging her own ways is harder than Sydney ever dreamed. Maybe by turning off her brain—and following her heart—she’ll be able to finally figure out where she belongs.

List of Characters
Sydney Sage
Adrian Ivashkov
Jill Dragomir
Eddie Castile
Ms. Terwilliger

Chapters 21-25 Summary: Sydney returns from her trip at the St. Louis Alchemist compound and quickly searches out Marcus, needing to show him the tape she confiscated with evidence that the Alchemists and Warriors of Light are working together. She checks in with Ms. T who helps get her curfew extended and Sydney meets up with Marcus at an old record store. She plays the tape for him and Marcus presents her with the opportunity to finally break her tattoo by turning it silver. After some hesitation and freaking out, Sydney finally agrees. Marcus then tells her about his plan to go to Mexico the following week with Wade and the others to seal their tattoos, expecting Sydney to go with them. But Sydney refuses. Marcus and Wade try to convince her otherwise, that they’re sure the Alchemists are onto Sydney now but Sydney decides she’ll take her chances. She thinks she can do more good by being able to work on finding information from inside the Alchemists. Sydney leaves and once she returns to Amberwood, she calls Stanton and attempts to convince her that the Warriors of Light are onto Jill’s whereabouts. Stanton doesn’t believe her though and Sydney tries a different tactic, pretending she’s just been overwhelmed having to constantly be around vampires all the time and stuck at the school. She would feel better if she had assistance. Stanton agrees to think about sending extra protection. Sydney falls asleep a short time later and finds herself in a dream world with Adrian. They discuss the day’s events and Adrian asks to see the dress Sydney had worn on the dinner with Ian. As soon as Adrian sees Sydney in the dress, they fall into a heavy, intimate embrace on top of the table in the dream that Adrian quickly transforms into the bed at his apartment. But before anything can really get too far, Sydney is woken up by a knock at the door.

Jill informs Sydney that a new problem has come up. Angeline got caught sneaking Trey into her and Jill’s dorm room. Apparently, they’ve grown close through their tutoring sessions and developed feelings for each other. Thankfully, Angeline and Trey wouldn’t be expelled, just have to deal with dentention for a while. Sydney figures that’s a small blessing. Jill tells Sydney Eddie still doesn’t know and will probably need someone to talk to but she can’t be the person to do it because of her feelings for him. Right in the middle of their argument, Jill suddenly sees what happened between Adrian and Sydney just minutes before through the bond she shares with Adrian. Jill quickly ushers out of Sydney’s room, her face completely red and embarrassed and Sydney is mortified.

Later that morning, Sydney finds Trey and class and they discuss what happened between him and Angeline. Trey never knew she was with Eddie and he feels horrible for the situation. He would never hurt Eddie like that. Sydney wants to know what he plans to do now and Trey decides he has to end things with Angeline, he has no other choice, especially with his family belonging to the Warriors of Light.  After school, Sydney heads over to Adrian’s apartment since it’s her turn to babysit the callistana (the dragon/demon made of quartz). Adrian is delighted to see her but his happiness soon turns to frustration once Sydney tells him they have to stop trying to be together. She can’t stand Jill being able to see what goes on between them, especially because she’s a fifteen year old girl, and she can’t risk getting caught by the Alchemists. Adrian asks if she just plans on avoiding him then but Sydney tells him, she plans on leaving to Mexico with Marcus. It’s the only way to be able to find information on the Alchemists and still keep everyone safe. In reality, Sydney is just afraid of how powerful her feelings are for Adrian.

Sydney storms out and meets up with Eddie for dinner. She tries to cheer him up despite the fact that she isn’t really in a romantic mood after her fight with Adrian. Sydney lets it slip to Eddie that Jill has feelings for him. Eddie becomes hopeful but soon decides there’s no way a relationship with Jill can work. He is her guardian and his job is to keep her safe. Once they’re done catching up on Sydney’s trip, they head out to her car to leave and suddenly Sydney’s car explodes. Or well, it had blown up with enough force to destroy the windows and doors but the car was filled with foam instead of actually setting on fire. As the police are called, Sydney jumps into her car to get her gun from the glove compartment before the police arrive and Sydney helps her dig through all the foam. Sydney also finds the gold cross she had lost at the bed and breakfast. When she picks it up the cross burns her hand. She retrieves it with her hand covered and knows that something magical had been done to the cross. The police return Eddie and Sydney back to Amberwood. Sydney takes out the envelope Ms. T had given her earlier in the day with a new spell book and discovers a silver star pendant set with peridots. She remembered Alicia having a charm just like it.

Sydney thinks back to the events that have taken place since Ms. T discovered her sister was behind the attacks with the young girls. Alicia had seen Adrian’s Mustang at the bed and breakfast, had taken a good look at the car and somehow managed to find where Adrian lived meaning she was the one who slashed his tires to delay them in warning Lynne. Sydney believes Alicia is an accomplice with Veronica. She quickly calls Adrian and asks him to help her sneak out of school (“Can you come over to Amberwood? I need you to help me break curfew and escape my dorm.” (Sydney) “Sage, I’ve been waiting two months to hear you say those words. You want me to bring a ladder. (Adrian)) Sydney tells Adrian to drive to the school and wait for her by a service road that is behind the dorm. She then goes to Julia and Kristin’s room because she knows people are always using their room to sneak out. It turns out there’s a tree right outside Julia and Kristin’s dorm room and Sydney climbs down it then takes off sprinting to get to Adrian’s car before the guards show up for patrol.

They drive to Ms. T’s house and knock on the door but there’s no answer. The door is unlocked and Adrian and Sydney go inside only to discover all her cats have gone missing. A screeching sound erupts from Sydney’s purse and the dragon pops it’s head out. Before Sydney can figure out what the dragon is so upset about, something zooms over her head and smashes into the wall behind her. A few of the drops land on her cheek and burn her. Adrian out Sydney’s name to get her attention and they find Alicia standing on the other side of the room, a gooey, shimmery substance in her hand. Sydney tells Alicia they know everything, they know she’s been working with Veronica. Alicia admits she got rid of Veronica ages ago and has been the one absorbing the witches youth and power. Alicia had gone to Ms. T’s house to absorb her power. Alicia starts attacking them with more of the gooey stuff and Adrian manages to get the lights off. He sneaks into the  basement with Sydney where Sydney comes up with the plan to turn the stairs into ice and Alicia slips down them. A fight breaks out between Sydney and Alicia, both them using their magical abilities. Sydney commands Adrian to go find Ms. T while she battles Alicia. The house caught fire thinks to a fireball Sydney had dropped from when Alicia knocked her down.

Sydney transforms five perpetual motion balls into sharp razor blades and uses them to attack Alicia which slammed into her face. Alicia tries to pull them out but loses her balance and falls down the stairs. Adrian returns and helps Sydney get out of the house, telling her Ms. T wasn’t inside. The house goes up in a huge blaze. As they wait for the police to arrive, a cat shows up and Sydney and Adrian follow it. They find Ms. T laying in the grass, alive and exhausted.

The next day Sydney finds out there was no body discovered in what was left of the house which means Alicia found a way to escape. She also discovers Veronica is at a hospital in Los Angeles in a coma. Ms. T plans to visit her soon and see if she can find a way to reverse the spell. Sydney is still determined to leave to Mexico and says her goodbyes early to everyone. She also returns Wolfe’s gun and he gives her some advice to not miss what’s standing right in front of her eyes.

The next day, Sydney prepares herself to go say goodbye to Jill but Jill comes to her first. Jill tries to convince Sydney to stay knowing she’ll regret leaving not just them but Adrian. Sydney is determined to go. She thinks it’s too dangerous for her and Adrian to be together and she can’t deal with the bond Jill shares with him. Eddie calls and tells them they need to come downstairs. A new guardian has arrived, a dhampir named Neil Raymond who will act as a new student at the school. Before Sydney leaves, Jill gives her an enevelpe from Adrian and Marcus picks up Sydney. Sydney refuses to read the envelope, disappointed that’s how Adrian decided to say goodbye to her. She heads off to the train station with Marcus but as soon as they arrive, she decides she can’t go. Marcus has no real, concrete plans to take down the Alchemists and expose them. He’s just all talk and Sydney doesn’t want a life like that. She doesn’t want to spend her whole life running and doing nothing. She also doesn’t want to spend her whole life without Adrian.

Once Marcus accepts the fact that Sydney isn’t going to go to Mexico, he leaves the car with her and heads off on the train. Sydney rips open the enevelope Adrian left her and instead of finding a letter, she finds a long series of numbers. She deciphers its two sets of numbers, one acting latitude and one as longitude and enters the code into the GPS. She finds Adrian at the Getty Center and finally confesses her feelings to him. They spend the day at the Getty Center together, kissing and relaxing. They head back to Amberwood and since Sydney gets caught by Mrs. Weathers coming in after curfew, she gets detention which surprises both of them but Sydney doesn’t really mind. Mrs. Weathers also informs Sydney that her other cousin has arrived and is waiting for Sydney in her room. Sydney heads up to her dorm room, feeling anxious where she discovers Zoe waiting for her. Apparently, Zoe has entered the ranks of the Alchemists and will be joining Sydney at school to help.

Annabell’s Thoughts: FINALLY Sydney gets it together and admits her feelings for Adrian! It has taken WAY too long for that. I didn’t mind it at first but with how many time Sydney kept accepting and denying her feelings for Adrian, it was getting BEYOND ridiculous! I didn’t like though that she never said ‘I love you’ to Adrian even though he’s said it her a number of times. It felt wrong =/ The battle scene between Sydney and Alicia was pretty awesome. It was great to see Sydney wielding her magic and kicking some major butt with it. I also like how Sydney puts Marcus in his place. Marcus was such a letdown as a character! All this build for the last few months for the book and his character then he just turns out to be so one-note and wimpy. Marcus is all talk, arrogant, and  was a rather boring character. I am so happy Eddie finally knows about Jill’s feelings because that was going on for far too long, too. Now hopefully, both of them will just admit it to each other and stop dragging everything out. I LOVE that Zoe is now in the picture. She’s gonna present a whole new set of problems for Sydney that I can’t wait to read. I wonder if Zoe will end up falling for the new guardian assigned. How ironic would that be! ;) All in all The Indigo Spell was a great book. There were moments that dragged out or didn’t really offer any real depth to the story, and it was tiring how much Sydney kept denying how she felt for Adrian and how disappointing Marcus character was, but overall, the book was filled with some pretty fun magic, wicked humor, great romance, and good suspense. Definitely will be happy to check out Fiery Heart which comes out in November of this year!

Bridget's Thoughts: Bridget's Thoughts: Wow, that ending! So incase I haven't made it clear yet: Sydney Sage is a bad-ass! Sydney and Adrian have to go to Ms. T's house because they are worried for her and think Veronica has finally found her. But when they get there, its not Veronica, its Alicia(the girl from the Bed and Breakfast)! I honestly didn't see that one coming at all! So Sydney kicks her butt, with all her awesome witchery. Love it! Then Sydney is faced with a choice: Does she love Adrian or not. At first, when she decides to go with Marcus to Mexico, I was really upset. I thought, if this was how the book ends, I'm for sure NOT reading the next book. But then she changes her mind and finds Adrian because she DOES love him. SHE LOVES HIM!! *sigh* The weird thing though, she never actually tells him that she loves him. Its all just implied. Which annoyed me.Marcus I thought was a big let down. All this hype about Marcus and his group of Merry Men being able to out the Alchemists for the terrible people that they are and he does nothing. Nothing. But hopefully in the next book he will redeem himself. Overall, I loved the ending! It was suspenseful and chair gripping as the rest of the book. The biggest thing I'm hoping for in The Fiery Heart, is that Sydney and Co. finally take on the Alchemists. Now thats some drama I can't wait to see go down!

Favorite Quotes

“Of course not. That’d be cowardly and immature. And you’d never survive without hair gel—though you might like their moonshine.” ~Sydney (to Adrian about running away to the Keepers)

“Although you would walk up to someone on the street and start telling them about vampires. Then you’d just get thrown into a psych ward.” ~Marcus

“Man, Sage. It’s all or nothing with you. Never a dull moment.” ~Adrian

“Sweet talker. You didn’t know anything about me the first time we met.’ (Sydney)
‘I knew you were beautiful. I just hoped for the rest.” ~Adrian

“I’m surprised. I always figured when you two left here, you went home and had your own private ‘training sessions.’” ~Wolfe (to Sydney about Adrian)

“A piece of heave?’ (Sydney)
‘No. The other place. The one I’m going to burn in for thinking what I’m thinking.” ~Adrian (about seeing Sydney’s dress)

“Invisible ice on the stairs.’ (Sydney)
‘I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I think I love you even more.” ~Adrian
“I had a friend like that once. Silver Tooth Sally.” ~Wolfe

Check out a Sneak Peek into The Indigo Spell!

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