Friday, February 1, 2013

Launch Day Take Two!

Hello my fellow Nerdians!

So yesterday was SUPPOSED to be the official Launch Day for LUCIFER, book one in the SONS OF OLD TRILOGY, but things did not work out as planned. Although the book did go up on Amazon, it went up later than expected because of issues with Amazon and Barnes and Noble will not be publishing for another few days because of issues =P PLUS, I had no electricity for a good part of the day yesterday. My air conditioning system had decided to retire indefinite a few days ago, so an A/C team had to come in to install a whole new system, and for that to happen the electricity had to be shut down. Thus resulting in everyone else celebrating my Launch Day but me *tear*

BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY and we're just going to extend the festivities *wink* *giggle* 

So make sure to stop by Amazon and buy LUCIFER *Hint hint, nudge, nudge* and make sure to check out some really fun inside looks into the characters and story through the following posts:

And don't be shy! Stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, or right here, on TeamNerd Reviews, and leave some love for LUCIFER! Will be posting up other great posts about LUCIFER throughout today *hehe*

BIG thank you to every reviewer who participated in the Launch Day Tour yesterday and posted up all the promo info for LUCIFER! Appreciate each and every one of you!

Also, HUGE thank you to Brandon Strahin, Bridget's hubby, who I also dubbed as Space Cowboy (he owns a truck and is weird, it makes sense in my head!)! With painstaking patience, he converted LUCIFER into it's proper ebook formats and put up with me and Bridge demanding his help time and time again. LOVE YAZ BRANDON!

And now let the party begin! *teehee*

*passes out red velvet cupcakes, party hats, and silly string*


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